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tv   CBS 5 Early Edition  CBS  October 17, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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but fire danger is high especially into the sacramento valley and the delta. we'll talk more about that and the rest of your weather coming up. >> overnight roadwork in lanes on southbound 101 on the approach to the golden gate bridge through sausalito plus an accident wrapping up in napa. we'll have the details of your morning drive coming up. pieces of an america's cup boat that capsized in the bay and drifted into the ocean are now back onshore. the $10million vessel flipped yesterday near the san francisco yacht club. cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is at the headquarters of team oracle, which owns the boat. >> reporter: this is the first time a major incident has happened with these new longer 72-foot catamarans. but we're told the most important thing is that nobody was hurt in this incident. crews worked into the early- morning hours to bring back what was left of that $10 million boat and yesterday sailors on the america's cup boat were doing training exercises and team leaders say they knew something was wrong when the back of the boat
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started to lift up and say winds were not working in their favor. it was blowing in one direction and the current in the opposite. and that's when the boat went in along with some of the 13 crewmembers. [ indiscernible ] it's very easy to stick the noses in on the boat and that's when it capsizeed. >> i'm not sure what happened. we'll have to reveal the data and the video. >> reporter: a few hours later the boat was completely overturned and the wing that's about 13 stories tall was thrashed and under water. also the hull was completely damaged. now, the current pushed it past the golden gate bridge as you can see there on that map. it pushed it about 7 miles out to sea. now, the team says this is a setback for them but it's also an important lesson and when we checked on the america's cup website they say that this will not affect the racing calendar next year. we're live at san francisco's
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pier 80. cate caugiran, cbs 5. hold on a second. >> i -- >> mr. president, i'm still speaking. >> i'm sorry -- >> let -- [overlapping speakers] >> there you go. president obama, mitt romney, getting feisty as each tries to get an edge in their second debate last night. the president promised to get more aggressive after his lackluster performance in this year's first presidential debate. he delivered and republican challenger romney equally fired up. here's cbs news reporter randall pinkston with the highlights. reporter: president obama and mitt romney wasted little time going after each other in the second debate. >> there were a whole bunch of oil companies. >> i had a question and the question was how much did you cut it? >> i'm happy to answer the question. >> reporter: in a snap poll of uncommitted voters 37% said president obama won the debate. >> do i think we'll get a bounce? yeah. >> reporter: romney gained momentum in the polls following
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first debate and he will continue the surge. >> you will see the momentum continue. i think a lot of undecided voters heard from the governor himself how he would perform as president of the united states. >> reporter: romney comes out on top when voters were asked who would do a better job with the economy. president obama can claim victory on the question of who would be better for the middle class foreign policy played a key role in the debate when the question turned to the attack in benghazi, libya. >> took the president 14 days before he called the attack in benghazi an act of terror. >> get the transcript. >> he did in fact, sir. so let me call it an act. terrorism -- [overlapping speakers] >> reporter: in the spin room following the debate democrats corrode about the moderator fact checking romney. romney's team maintains the governor was correct. >> the governor got blindsided a little bit by a moderator who incorrectly tried to affirm what the president said. >> reporter: the it was candidates will have -- the two candidates will have a chance
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to answer more questions about libya next monday at the debate, which focused entirely on foreign policy. randall pinkston, new york. >> both candidates busy again today in swing states. the president in ohio and iowa, while romney will spend time in virginia. while the national poll gave the president a 7-point edge for the debate he fared better in democratic california. 56% said the president won. 32% felt romney won. 12% called it a draw. the poll was conducted by surveyusa exclusively for eyewitness news. be sure to check out exclusive presidential forum on every day the candidates weigh in on a different issue. hundreds of people gathered at san francisco's city hall to honor the life of ambassador chris stevens. he was killed last month in an attack on the libya embassy in
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benghazi. among the mourners were dianne feinstein and ed lee. his sister eulogized him. >> i saw the middle east through chris' wide eyes. >> friends say he was a good diplomat because he was interested in the lives of the libyans. during the service the libyan ambassador to the u.s. expressed regret his government couldn't protect the american envoy. stevens was a graduate of piedmont high school and berkeley. >> no tears, just a lot of laughter. his two sisters are both doctors. his brother is an attorney. they all spoke and so did george schultz the former secretary of state. he is 92, no notes, amazing. >> and stevens accomplished so much. it was a nice tribute. let's check the weather. is it going to get warmer? >> this is going to be some kind of day around the bay area. not only in the valleys but all the way to the coast.
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we are heating up. skies mostly clear outside right now. looking out over the bay toward the ferry building, yup, we indeed are looking at nice weather coming our way today. not as warm start as yesterday. still 59 degrees in oakland, 52 san jose, 59 in san francisco. high pressure though building overhead. the offshore winds kicking in. fire danger going to be elevated for most of the bay area today. there is a red flag warning in the sacramento valley including solano county and the carquinez strait. expecting low humidity and gusty winds above 1,000 feet, as well. the ridge going to crank up these temperatures. warm everywhere this afternoon. normal is 70s. this afternoon 90 in concord, 80 san francisco, 84 in san jose. this is beautiful weather now. but we put some raindrops back in the forecast, elizabeth and that could change everything for you next week. you'll be busy. >> could be interesting in the traffic department for sure. let's go outside for a live look at the bay bridge toll
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plaza. a stall in the upper deck. it's so early, shouldn't cause a delay. no immediate immediate, no delay getting into san francisco. to our maps. we think this accident is clearing in napa. northbound 29 by highway 221, it sounds like a bad injury accident. for a while all lanes were blocked but heads up, they are wrapping up that accident scene right now. we'll have more traffic in the morning. in the meantime, back to you guys. searchers have found the wreckage of a plane that disappeared after it left the half moon bay airport. it was found near ocean boulevard and ber nell outside moss beach a quarter mile west of half moon bay airport. the pilot was the only person on board and was found inside. that pilot's wife reported him missing when he failed to stop at an arizona airport. his name has not been released.
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the san mateo county sheriff says the single-engine plane crashed after take-off about 6:00 in the morning on monday. the faa and the ntsb are investigating that accident. oakland officials are showing signs of a compromise in the face of a federal government takeover of the city's police department. in a "san francisco chronicle" column, cbs 5's phil matier says oakland city council members are considering a plan to let an outside receiver take over opd's internal affairs division. a federal judge recently said the opd has taken too long to implement changes that were part of a brutality lawsuit settlement. a fire that burned several buildings in san francisco caused more than $7 million in damage. that's the latest estimate from the fire department. the fire was first reported early friday morning at a restaurant on west portal avenue and spread to neighboring buildings. the city of mountain view is blocking a new chik-fil-a restaurant. last night the city council
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voted 4-2 to block the project. two different groups had filed objections. one cited the fast food chain's support of antigay rights groups another more car- oriented development. that mother accused of using her 10-year-old daughter to steal grocery confesses and apologizes in court. investigators say 38-year-old marcy keelin and her daughter were trying to steal from a safeway in morgan hill and when she was caught she abandoned her daughter and drove off. in court yesterday she said, quote, i was just so scared. if convicted she could face up to three years in jail. keelin did not enter a plea but will be back in court next month. the giants are now in st. louis where they will play game 3 through five of the national league championship series. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec joins us live with more on how the team is looking forward to today's game. >> reporter: i'm here at at&t park where a lot of people will come to wish the giants luck. of course, they won't be back here unless they need a sixth
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or seventh game in the nlcs. but today is game 3 over in st. louis. our crews are in st. louis. they caught the giants practicing yesterday. pitcher matt cain is going to be take the mound today. and manager bruce bochy expects marcos scutaro to be playing today after being injured in a slide. his hip and knee were strained but here's what he said last night. >> so it feels much better than what it felt. and probably be there tomorrow. >> wish i wouldn't have landed on him. i was kind of trying to slide into his legs and keep him from make the play. >> now, manager bochy says it was an illegal slide. but he doesn't think that it was intentional. games 3 through 5 in st. louis
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and if necessary 6 and 7 at at&t park. >> thank you. getting the best bargains for the holiday. what target is doing to help you save your cash. plus. >> we are very concerned for violet's well-being and safety. >> a puppy stolen from a bay area adoption center. why her health could be at risk because of the crime. coming up. >> but first, falling down on the job. how some would-be burglars were tripped up big time. ,,
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how far will people go to relieve their sore throat? try these. new cepacol sensations cools instantly, and has an active ingredient that stays with you
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long after the lozenge is gone. not just a sensation, they decided to make off wih some shirts at a large department store but as they three would-be robbers in georgia fell down on the job. they decided to make off with some shirts at a large department store. but as they raced to make their getaway, they tripped over each other, fell down and the shirts were left on the floor. police say the men face possible criminal charges even though they were tripped up before they ever made it to a
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waiting getaway car. >> bad burglars. >> i guess. clumsy burglars. >> guess so. 4:44. let's check weather. >> i think these next couple of days enjoy it. we have some major changes coming as we head in toward the next seven days, maybe even a little bit of rain. outside now, skies nice and clear and not a bad start to the day. temperatures mainly into the 50s. by the afternoon, it is an official beach day. get out and enjoy. 70s at the coast. you will see a lot of 80s inside the bay. and even some low 90s. a little hot in some of the valleys. that ridge of high pressure strengthening overhead. we are seeing that offshore wind developing and that's what's clearing us out giving us those nice clear skies to the beaches so far this morning and by the afternoon looking good. fire danger is going to be elevated across much of the bay area. red flag warnings are up into the sacramento valley. that includes the solano county in through the delta. very low humidities, gusty winds above 1,000 feet gusting to 30 miles per hour. so watch out for that if you live in those areas.
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otherwise looking good. temperatures as high as 84 degrees in san jose. 82 in mountain view. about 75 in pacifica. east bay numbers up into the low 90s in the hottest spots well inland. and then as you make your way inside the bay, gorgeous day to head outside for lunch. 84 degrees in oakland. 80 in san francisco. and 91 in santa rosa but get a load of the five-day forecast. it looks good. through the weekend changes start to have happen as happen. monday and tuesday chance of rain. elizabeth is so excited. >> i am! summer to winter in a matter of a day! let's go back outside. we'll show you some more live traffic cameras. here's one of the san mateo bridge. everything looks pretty good. it is nice and light in both directions westbound and eastbound 92 between hayward and the peninsula. checking our other bridges, the bay bridge just cleared a stall on the inclined section of the upper deck. never caused much of a delay
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because of course it's still early. good to go there. the golden gate bridge everything is quiet here. you will find some roadwork in lanes on southbound 101 on the approach to the golden gate bridge. so it looks like it's from about spencer towards the waldo tunnel but, of course, across the span you are looking good both directions. elsewhere towards the east bay here's a live look at the nimitz. 16 minutes is that drive time on northbound 880 between 238 and the maze all the way towards downtown. and westbound 580 we have a lot of green sensors which is good news if you are heading towards livermore and the dublin interchange. 14 minutes is that drive time. a south bay check and we're problem-free. there are no big hot spots out there now. no major accidents and we're free and clear all around the south bay including up the guadalupe parkway, 101 and 280. that is a check of "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. it would barely register here but on the east coast people are talking about the
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big 4.0 quake that struck west of portland, maine. some people thought it was an explosion. it was felt as far away as boston even down into connecticut. there are reports of some minor damage including some cracks in a home. this is the second strongest quake in maine's history. experts say that's because of the east coast geology the effects of earthquakes can be felt in an area 10 times larger than quakes of a similar size out here on the west coast. well, today ironically is the 23rd anniversary of the loma prieta earthquake in northern california. at noon san francisco's department of emergency management will hold a press conference at union square. officials will commemorate the deadly quake that happened in 1989 and also encourage participation that drill called called the great california shake-out. a fresno high school student has come down with meningitis. the city school district has notified parents. they have identified others who had close contact with the infected student. those students are getting antibiotics, as well.
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no word on the condition of the student who contracted the virus. and this case is not linked to the rare nationwide meningitis outbreak n that deadly outbreak, fda investigators raided the massachusetts company linked to the spread of meningitis. officials say framingham's steroid injections for back and neck pain were contaminated. 214 people have gotten sick and 15 people have died. more people could be at risk. >> up to 14,000 people may have been exposed to one of the three potentially contaminated lots of medication. you may have noticed that the case count has gone up in recent days. we think this is mainly because we are doing a better job at finding the cases. >> investigators say framingham is cooperating with the investigation. in this morning's healthwatch, cholesterol levels here in americans are getting better. that's according to a new study in the journal of the american medical association. researchers found that cholesterol levels have actually dropped between 1988
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and 2010. that's because more people are taking medications now and many more are making healthy lifestyle changes. a new twist in the annual holiday shopping battle between the brick and mortar on the online stores. target is trying to match the price of amazon and other online competitors this holiday season. best buy recently announced a similar strategy for its stores. and apple is expected to announce the release of a smaller ipad next tuesday. the company sent out invitations yesterday for an event at the historic california theater in downtown san jose. the current ipad sells for about $500. the new version is expected to cost half of that and come with a smaller screen. >> they might sell a few. 4:49. clipper cardholders are being tracked but not as often as some fear. there are a million such fare cards used all over bay area transit agencies.
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if you register with the metropolitan transportation commission when you buy it, police can subpoena records. mtc says there have indeed been subpoenas but only two along with one search warrant. >> it is an infinitesimally tiny percentage of all the transactions. >> still some civil libertarians say the mtc shouldn't store the information as they do currently for seven years. if you pay cash for the card there are no personal records. the spca is trying to find a 10-week-old puppy stolen from a shelter in san francisco. the puppy named violet was taken yesterday afternoon the the white and brown terrier mix is still healing from being spayed and she has not yet received all her vaccinations. >> she should not be walking around outside and she should not be socializing with unvaccinated dogs. it's a very important thing for her safety. >> there is a $500 reward for violet's safe return. santa clara is a finalist
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to host a super bowl. >> no surprise there. the 49ers are one of three teams in the running to host the game in 2016 or 2017. if the 9ers win it would be played at the new silicon valley stadium, which is still under construction. that will be done in a couple of years ago. san francisco would host the pre-game festivities. a decision should come out sometime in may. 4:51 now. mixed reaction why the mediator selection for the san bruno explosion settlement talks is drawing fire. >> plus a popular snack under attack. who wants hot cheetos to stay out of schools. >> and without traffic and tourists, the viral video in a shows san francisco devoid of people. we'll explain when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,, the 408, 669 area code overlay begins.
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starting october 20, 2012, if you have a 408 or 669 number, you'll need to dial 1, he area code plus the phone number for all calls. you'll still need to dial 1 plus the area code, plus the phone number. so when in doubt, dial it out! for more information, contact your service provider or visit us on the web. we're starting off mostly clear skies around the bay area just a little sea haze out there, temperatures in the 50s
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even some 60s. you will notice that offshore wind beginning to pick up in fairfield. 67 there. 63 vallejo. high pressure building in. offshore winds blowing going to make for a beautiful beach day outside. how about these numbers! 70s right at the coastline, 80s at the bay, 90s in the valleys. enjoy it. we have major changes coming, the first storm of the season headed our way. more on that in a few minutes. >> and we are checking on three bridges for you and all of them come in problem-free. looking good across the golden gate, bay bridge and san mateo. if you are commuting through marin county looks like they are doing some lane chains across the golden gate. and there's more roadwork on the approach to the bridge from sales all the way towards the waldo tunnel. over at the bay bridge, they cleared a stall so now you're good to go heading into san francisco and the san mateo bridge has been quiet in our overnight hours. traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. >> thank you. if you ever wondered what
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san francisco would look like if it were completely empty, take a look at this. it's a little eerie? >> like a movie set. >> this is time lapse video with the cars and people edited out. it's part of a series called "empty america" featuring popular spots around the city. it has so far around 80,000 views. >> how do they do that? >> magic of editing. california school districts are red-hot over a salty snack. a youtube video shows how popular this particular snack is with young people. watch. ♪ [ music ] ♪ my favorite snack >> teens love the hot cheetos and schools want to ban them, as being highly addictive and a health has hard. one bag has 25 grams of fat and more sodium for a higher day. >> this increase in access will
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lead to later in life lead to high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. >> in a statement free tow says it doesn't decide which snacks are available on school campuses and doesn't sell snack products directly to schools. >> i have never seen a rap about cheetos. the giant cardinal play-off series resumes today. we have insights from the clubhouse on today's critical game 3. plus the gloves are off. >> you will get your chance in a moment. i'm still speaking. >> well. >> the answer is i don't believe people think that's the case. [overlapping speakers] >> that wasn't a question. that was a statement. >> okay. >> was president obama able to fire up supporters with last night's debate performance? we have a live report coming your way. >> oracle team usa afternoon practice ends up under water. we'll tell you what sailors say went wrong and will this affect
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next year's races? captions by: caption colorado ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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>> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald town hall brawl! tense encounters at round 2 of the presidential debate. so who won? >> and a catamaran collapsed. the oracle team facing a big setback after the boat capsizes in the bay. what it took to pull that yacht back into port. >> it's official! it's a beach day. not many days like this for the remainder of the year. sunshine all the way to the coastline but we have put some rainfall back in the forecast, too. we'll tell you when coming up. >> and our morning commute is just getting under way. we have traffic cameras all around the bay area. here's one in the south bay. coming up, a look at bridges


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